Jackpot Joker Monday:
Each Monday you can win a minimum $500 in our three Jackpot Joker Draws. 
The jackpot starts at $500, and will increase by a further $100 each week until it goes off.
Simply swipe your membership card and enter it in the barrel, or spend $5 in our bar or bistro.
Draws will be conducted at 6pm, 7pm and 7.30pm 
And even if you don't win the jackpot, each turn of the card wins.

Wednesday Night Superdraw:
TIME: drawn at a random time between 6pm & 8pm
ABOUT: draw starts at $9,000 & increases by $1,000 each week
1 of 10 Local Clubs is randomly selected for the draw & 1 of their members is randomly drawn
If that member is present at the selected club, they win the jackpot!
Jackpot can go as high as $50,000!!
Friday Night $1,000 Members Cash Draw:
TIME: Three draws every Friday Night  at 5.30pm, 7.30pm & 8.00pm
ABOUT: $1,000 must be won every Friday! If the Jackpot amount is not won at these draw times there will be a draw
at 8.15pm. To gain entry into the barrel draw simply swipe your members card at the membership kiosk before 8.00pm &  
place your ticket into the barrel.
Must be at the Laurieton United Services Club or the Kew Country Club to win!
Terms & conditions apply (LTPM/17/02408)

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